Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ethics and Culture at Organizations.

Ideally human resources departments at organizations try to hire employees who appear to have certain educational requirements as well as certain skill sets and a positive attitude. 

In organizations which are categorised as local businesses in the East, tend to hire local staff  that may position the company in the middle as regards to image and pay packages with some cultural diversity within. A non native multi-national in a foreign jurisdiction generally brings in higher management staff and recruits middle management and lower positions staff from local applicants with a strong emphasis on hiring the best candidates who conform to a strict mindset and are pliable. 

Local businesses are understanding to religious and cultural beliefs and needs including dress codes and social behaviour. However at multinationals generally the impression of professionalism may be understood to be conforming to a Western dress code and lifestyle. MNC's are generally accepting of cultural differences and do not force people to change their dress code or lifestyle to comply with a western one, however exceptions have been seen.

The question arises should each individual dress properly in a dress code that may be native to their religious and cultural background without any or should the western culture and lifestyle impose and change the employees life.

The other question that arises is what are the long term implications of this infringement?Privacy is always a delicate matter at organizations. Though a company culture may be friendly and open and encourage employees to freely interact, however the organization has an ethical obligation to ensure a safe and ethical environment to help maintain the employees religious and cultural identity.

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